The first aim of QR360® is to offer a comprehensive online QR code creation tool.
This generator has a comprehensive set of features:
Special codes: Facebook, interactive, secured.
Our online creation tool enables you to automatically generate QR Codes corresponding to over 20 types of actions. You can even create a business card code by uploading your .vCard file.
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As QR Codes using our tracking and statistics system are linked to our URL shortener, you can make changes in real time..

If the target webpage URL for your code changes, simply connect to our management platform and enter the new address. The code image will remain exactly the same, while the target will have changed. .

There is no need to reprint your document. You can keep the same code and continue to develop your campaigns, packaging, promotions, posters and product descriptions.

This feature enables you to create your codes and print your documents when you wish, even before you finalise all of the details of your campaigns such as the website URLs.


Création en masse de QR CodesIf you have several QR Codes to create, such as for catalogues, simply upload a .CSV file and all of your codes will be created and added to your campaigns in one go. You will then be able to download them in a single compressed zip file.

Our tool also enables you to choose the colours of your QR Codes, both for the data itself and the background. Creating a blue code on a yellow background is as straightforward as creating a black and white code, so it’s simply a question of taste!

In addition to choosing the colours, it is possible to create QR Codes containing images or logos, or even entirely customised codes. It is technically possible to automatically generate such codes, but the results are often unreliable. We therefore provide a manual service for these code types, so that we can carry out a thorough check in order to guarantee perfect readability. See section specifically related to these specialised codes..


One of the classic errors to avoid is using codes that are too dense. The more complex the code data, the denser the code which means that it will take a long time to scan, and in unfavourable conditions may even not work at all.

Our QR Codes use the shortened domain name ‘’ which we use solely for this purpose. It only contains 4 characters and enables us to create simplified codes which are independent of the actual data to which they are pointing.

This system can replace a URL such as: by
The code therefore goes from:
The difference looks negligible, but in practice may turn out to be crucial.

Our automatic QR Code creation platform provides you with codes as downloadable files in 6 different formats: .GIF, .JPG, .PNG, .EPS, .PDF, as well as the vector format .SVG.


These files can be used directly by your PR agency or by your team of graphic designers, regardless of the final printed size of the code.


Export files generated by our platform using the .SVG format can easily be modified and customized.

They are composed of individual squares that you can convert in softwares such as Adobe Illustrator, using standard of custom shapes filters. Choosing a high level of Error Correction (ECC) One of the key features of QR Codes is to remain readable enven in a downgraded environment (code partially destroyed or distorted, low light, …). This is achieved by using an error correction algorithm called Reed-Solomon. This algorithm defines four levels of error correction, each adding a different layer of “backup” data in the code. allows you to integrate your own images and logos.

If you do not have the internal resources to customize your code, we can do it for you.



Creation tool for 20 types of codes
Create codes in colour
Interactive “reminder” QR Codes
Targets can be updated in real time
Password protected QR Codes
Editable ‘business card’ codes
Bulk creation tool
Unlimited scans and traffic
High definition vector files download
Management of codes campaigns
Analysis of scans statistics
Geolocation of visitors
Statistical data export
Comparative performance analysis

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Mistakes not to make

QR Codes can be an important addition to a marketing strategy, and may even become the main focus of a campaign. They should however be used properly, avoiding some classic errors: Failing to adapt your website to mobile devices. Not analysing the performances of your codes Not adding a default page at the expiry of...

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