The QR360® platform enables you to incorporate your QR Codes into campaigns and campaign groups, and to manage all your settings intuitively and analytically:
Special codes: Facebook, interactive, secured.

Your QR Codes are linked to campaigns to make them easy to manage. Campaigns can be created, suspended or deleted as you wish. You can create an unlimited number of campaigns.


Creating groups enables you to group your campaigns by subject, product or client. You can allocate a specific login and password to each group in order to access and manage all of the campaigns that it contains. This is an ideal solution for agencies, printers and anyone wishing to provide access to their clients..


To help you to realise your strategy, you can set activation and deactivation dates for each campaign. You can of course also make your campaigns permanent.


If one of your campaigns is only running for a limited time, QR360® enables you to configure a target page which is automatically activated at its expiry.

As of this date, all of the campaign codes will direct your visitors to this page, preventing the risk of an error page being displayed if the original target page is deleted.

This option can be applied to the whole campaign, or to each individual QR Code.


Unlike many QR Codes online services, no page of our service is using any Flash or Java technology. This means that you can create and manage your codes and your campaigns, and analyse your scans statistics on a web browser from any type of mobile device, whatever its operating system is : iPhone/iPad, Blackberry or Android.


Creation tool for 20 types of codes
Create codes in colour
Interactive “reminder” QR Codes
Targets can be updated in real time
Password protected QR Codes
Editable ‘business card’ codes
Bulk creation tool
Unlimited scans and traffic
High definition vector files download
Management of codes campaigns
Analysis of scans statistics
Geolocation of visitors
Statistical data export
Comparative performance analysis

QR Codes live

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Mistakes not to make

QR Codes can be an important addition to a marketing strategy, and may even become the main focus of a campaign. They should however be used properly, avoiding some classic errors: Failing to adapt your website to mobile devices. Not analysing the performances of your codes Not adding a default page at the expiry of...

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